Nextury Technology Fund

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"Nextury Technology Fund"



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Nextury Technology Fund is an actively managed mutual fund whose assets are invested in technology companies listed on the stock exchanges worldwide.

The purpose of the Fund is to increase the capital of the Fund in the long term, taking into account the risk level of the Fund.

The Fund's investments will mainly be directed to shares of technology companies traded on major global financial markets such as the United States, Japan, Germany, etc. Given that the global technology sector is dominated by US companies, most investments will be made in US companies.

The Fund's assets will be invested in companies in the technology sector that, based on the fund managers' insights, are likely to be able to successfully adapt to structural technological changes in global markets and, thanks to emerging opportunities, significantly improve revenue and profit projections.

According to the Fund's strategic parameters, the Fund's assets are invested in equity securities and equity related financial instruments.

The Fund may also invest in other transferable securities (such as bonds and other forms of non-equity securities) in the event of adverse financial market conditions.

Benchmark index

Starting in 2018 May 22

100% NASDAQ 100 Index (EUR)

NASDAQ 100 Index is an equity index composed of the 100 largest capitalized non-financial companies listed on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange. The index covers companies in major industry groups, including hardware, software, telecommunications, biotechnology, retail and wholesale, and so on. The original benchmark currency is the US dollar, the value is taken in euros. Bloomberg Index Ticker - NDX.