Synergy European Crowdlending Fund

Fund name

"Synergy European Crowdlending Fund"



Unit price EUR (Class B)




Since inception %


12 months %


Year To Date %


Monthly return %


Unit price EUR (Class A)


Vieneto kaina EUR (I klasė)


*The values in the table and graph are calculated using Class B unit prices

Synergy European Crowdlending Fund (ECF)
- the first open-end investment fund established in the Baltics. ECF enables informed investors to participate in unique and fast-growing crowdfunding and loan markets. The fund directly contributes to the development of alternative lending sector in Europe through target companies. We aim to form a very broad diversification of the loan portfolio with an annual return for investors reaching up to 8-10% per annum.

In exceptional cases, higher value projects are targeted for direct funding (possibly due to better profitability / risk ratio, greater transparency, etc.), while smaller amounts are funded through existing crowdfunding platforms.

The target company does not lend directly to individuals, but it can direct some of the investment to the sector through crowdfunding platforms.

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