Synergy Finance Tactical Asset Allocation

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"Synergy Global Allocation Fund"



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The main purpose of our tactical asset allocation strategy is to generate a return on investment that is in the long run comparable to that of risky asset classes, but with less volatility and shallower adjustments from the highest value point. This part of the portfolio uses an investment strategy that is modeled and tested over a period of nearly 40 years on the basis of historical data from major asset classes and is capable of generating a positive return on investment over a 5 year period, regardless of the business cycle stage.

Synergy Finance's tactical asset allocation strategy over the long term generates a higher return-to-risk ratio than a basket of major asset classes.

  • In almost 60% of cases, the 12-month result of a tactical asset allocation strategy (including management costs) outperforms a basket of equal proportions (excluding taxes). Meanwhile, the depth of portfolio value adjustments over 12-month periods is less than 70%.
  • Based on the results of simulation portfolio risk modeling, the probability of loss is less than 30% in 12-month periods, where in both normal market conditions and systemic shocks, value declines were -15%.