Vitality fund

Fund name

"Synergy Global Momentum Fund"



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Description of Vitality Fund:

The fund's primary objective is to generate a return on investment that outperforms the risky asset classes in the long term, but achieves this with similar fluctuations and less peak fall. By combining the principles of long-term strategic planning with effective risk management methods, we aim to maximize the return on investment and the risk.

The fund's investment portfolio allocation model is designed to avoid the most common systemic trading errors, such as optimizing historical performance and so on. In order to eliminate the risk associated with these errors, the Fund's strategy uses a periodically updated Momentum investment model developed by the Management Company, which has been tested with historical data of more than 30 years of major asset classes.

To minimize the risk of the investment strategy, part of the Fund's portfolio will be invested in value equities. Studies show that inertia and value strategies have a negative correlation over the long term, and combining the two strategies leads to an even better profitability-risk ratio.

The Fund's investment portfolio is based on exchange-traded index-based mutual funds, which allow the Fund's portfolio not only to be divided between stocks or bonds, but also to invest in financial instruments linked to real estate, commodities or other asset classes.